World Series of Youth Lacrosse - Fall 2021-Sumer 2022

WSYL UPDATE:  From the World Series of Youth Lacrosse:

"Our goal when we started the World Series of Youth Lacrosse was to create an event that would provide every athlete and his family with the ultimate lacrosse memory - a memory that players and families would be able to cherish for years to come. We are proud to have accomplished that. The World Series of Youth Lacrosse started in 2015 as a ten-team invitational event held in Denver, CO. Over the next seven years we hosted thousands of players and their families at what quickly became the greatest lacrosse event on the planet. And now this adventure has come to an end. The players who participated in the 2021 World Series of Youth Lacrosse will be the last to share this journey with us. We hope that everyone who has experienced the World Series of Youth Lacrosse has had as much joy and fun as we have. And with that, we say farewell. Good luck and best wishes to our World Series of Youth Lacrosse family.

Thank you for the incredible memories!"


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Participants will be evaluated on the following four (4) factors:

  1. Physical

This refers to an athlete’s general athletic abilities and really is not sport specific. Footwork, coordination, quickness, speed are examples of physical evaluation criteria.

  1. Technical

The technical domain gets into sport-specific skills such as throwing and catching, shooting, dodging and scooping. Essentially, you’re looking at the fundamental skills required to play the game. Of particular importance for older youth and high school players is the ability to execute these basic skills under pressure, on the run, and with both hands.

  1. Tactical

Tactical evaluation looks at how well the individual works within game simulations offensive and defensive scenarios. Tactical evaluation points will include player’s knowledge and execution of their responsibilities in on- and off-ball defense, communication with teammates, and their role in a motion-style offense.

  1. Psychological

This is all about their demeanor and approach to the sport. Are they coachable? How do they treat their teammates? How is their effort level? Are they respectful to coaches, opponents, and officials? These are traits that transcend lacrosse, but are of great importance when evaluating future members of a team.

Teamwork is the fastest way to take a team to the top, and knowing what to do, and when to do it, is the fastest way to become an indispensable part of any team. Using teaching techniques developed and tested by special forces units, our program breaks down and applies principles to the specific elements of lacrosse. Guaranteed to give selected players the high level game knowledge they need to develop their game.