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Southern Express Lacrosse is a complete lacrosse development program and we take pride in the differences between our program and many of the other travel teams.  We get asked all the time, "so when are tryouts?”  Well, we don't have tryouts. Tryouts go against what we believe in as a program.  We believe in a culture of inclusion, that is the first characteristic of a team.  We believe in building upon strengths and developing weaknesses into strengths.  We believe in hard work and we truly believe at the youth/middle school level, players who commit to learning the sport of lacrosse can be great if they are taught how to play the game.  Because of those BELIEFS, we find value in each skill level a player comes to us at and we care about taking the time and following the process to grow them to their potential.  We know that when a player is taught the sport of lacrosse by Southern Express, they are being taught the right way.  We take players through a rebuilding process.  If they commit to, and participate in, each stage of our program (digital platform, training camp, practice and travel team), we guarantee they will emerge ready to play on just about any team, and with a solid foundation to build on.

With the Summer Season just around the corner, we invite anyone looking to build, rebuild, or secure their lacrosse future to join our team.

Stage 1. SoExpressLax Membership - this gives home access to our digital app platform though our partnership with Famer.  We currently have a video library of approx 65 individual skill drills (explained and demonstrated on video) and growing. Each week your coach will send you a "workout" to do on your own time (the drills and reps and sets will differ with each coach).  Players will be able to check off the workouts they complete and interact with their coaches to ask questions, send videos, and get feedback.  The Southern Express Digital Platform is intended to build the technical skill foundation every player needs.  The first of our two (2) eight (8) weeks seasons is scheduled to start March 16, 2020.  Our digital platform workouts also teach players how to "put in the work" on their own.  Each drill is designed to be completed without the need for a coach or training partner.

Stage 2. Southern Express Training Camp (May 27-29, 2020 - Cumming, GA) - This is where the team comes together.  Each player will be taken through our proprietary team development program by the Southern Express Coaches.  Our Coaches are a big part of what sets us apart.  Our Team Coaches are all college level coaches, but more than that they are teachers of the sport.  We talk all the time about how there are great lacrosse layers, there are great lacrosse coaches, and there are great lacrosse teachers and being great at one does not necessarily make you great at the others.  Our coaches are all great teachers.  At training Camp, players will learn our playbook, from 6 v. 6 offense and defense, to riding, clearing, and the transition game.  They will learn man-up/man-down, and be taught how to play in specialty situations like odd man breaks and face-off wing play and so on.  Training Camp gets them ready to play as a team so they know that an isolation dodge actually requires six (6) players to all work together or that defensively slide packages require all seven (7) defenders to play as one (1) unit.

Stage 3. Team Practices and Travel Tournaments - Currently we have two (2) travel tournaments scheduled, the Asheville Lacrosse Classic (June 20-21, 2020) and the Chattanooga Lacrosse Challenge (July 11-12, 2020).  We have also been invited to a few other tournaments and are currently considering other available playing venues.  Leading up to each travel tournament, teams will spend three (3) weeks practicing what they learned at Training Camp.  Intermixed with our instructional practices will be scrimmages (or joint practices) against some of the other local summer travel programs allowing team to put the things they are learning into action.  Practices and scrimmages will be on Monday and Wednesday evenings with specific schedule adjustments possible.

While our program is focused on winning, we define success differently than many other programs around the Country.  At Southern Express, we care more about seeing the players play together as a team, develop skills that will serve them throughout their lacrosse careers, and learn how to play sustainable lacrosse over winning or losing a particular game.  We are not focused on getting any one player noticed or recruited by having a single player score ten (10) goals doing something they are already proficient at (e.g. shooting from 12 yards with time and space) while ignoring his deficiencies which otherwise cause him to be a liability the rest of the time he's on the field.  We value a player's +/- and ground ball statistics over his goals scored or takeaway checks.

Not only do we invite you to join our team, we ask you to challenge us to fulfill our promises.  As an incentive we are offering a limited time discount on our summer programs.

Sign up for a Southern Express Membership and all three (3) of our Summer 2020 events by March 20, 2020 and get $200 off using the discount code "triple".  

Sign up for a Southern Express Membership and two (2) of three (3) of our Summer 2020 events by March 20, 2020 and get $100 off using the discount code "double".