Southern Express Lacrosse Training Camp 2023

Huddle wide

June 2023 at our Secret Location...

The Southern Express Lacrosse Training Camp is open to all players with HS graduation years from 2024 to 2030.  Training Camp is an opportunity to eat, sleep and breath our sport, friendships are forged and teams are made. Training camp is focused on team instruction and developing the Express Lacrosse “team player.”  Instruction and coaching will be geared to the ability and talents of each individual camper.  The camp is designed to improve technical skills while developing our teams’ tactical skills together. If you are goalie please contact Southern Express Lacrosse at team@southernexpresslacrosse.com about available Training Camp scholarships and discounts.


2022 Training Camp Details

We have a full roster of players for camp and will be assigning rooms this week in preparation for Check in on May 31st. We will do our best to accommodate roommate requests. If you have a roommate request, please send to it team@southernexpresslacrosse.com on or before May 1, 2022.

Check in Time on May 31, 2021- 11:00am to 100pm 

Check out Time on June 2, 2021 - 12:00pm to 100pm

Check in will occur at the Coit Dormitory (first building on the left as you enter the school)

Rabun Gap Nacoochee School

339 Nacoochee Dr, Rabun Gap, GA 30568.

What to Bring:

  • Pillow and twin bed sheets
  • Blankets or Sleeping bag (dorms have A/C)
  • Laundry bag for dirty clothes
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes (shower shoes, sneakers and cleats)
  • Extra Socks and underwear
  • Bathing suit
  • Sweat shirt
  • Toiletries, including toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc.
  • Shower towel
  • Sun screen
  • Cornstarch baby powder
  • Lacrosse Equipment (Helmet, Gloves, Arm pads, shoulder pads/chest protector, mouth guard, stick.

What Not to Bring:

Do not bring televisions or gaming consoles, or other video games/electronic, cash, phones, chargers, or other valuables. The dorm rooms will not have locks.

Camp Bank:

There will be a Camp Bank where players can deposit money for use at the Camp Store to purchase candy, snacks, pizza, etc. Upon check in you will be asked if you want to fund the Camp Bank account.

Following the last camp Evolution, players will return to the dorm to shower, change clothes, pack and broom clean their rooms. Once their room is clean, they will be given a check out ticket which they can take to registration and depart.

Who:         Players with Graduation Years from 2025 to 2030

What:        Three days of intensive instruction on how we play Express Lacrosse!

Where:      Rabun Gap Nacoochee School - 339 Nacoochee Dr, Rabun Gap, GA 30568

When:       May 31st to June 1st - 2nd, 2022

Cost:          Overnight Camp Fee - $500.00.  ($100 discount for registration by March 1, 2022)


Training Camp will be held at the historic Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School, a small, private college preparatory school located in the Appalachian Mountains in Northern Georgia. Training Camp address is 339 Nacoochee Dr, Rabun Gap, GA 30568

Campers will play on natural grass fields. All campers will be housed in on campus air conditioned dormitories and will eat all meals in on-campus dining halls. Dormitories will be monitored by Southern Express Lacrosse Camp staff.