About Us

The Long Island Express Lacrosse Club was established to offer highly competitive student/athletes an opportunity to strive for their personal best. Express Lacrosse has proudly developed over 500 Division I players, close to 600 players in all, over 55 Under Armour All-Americans.


Southern Express Lacrosse was created to bridge the learning and coaching gap between some of the traditional lacrosse hotbeds in the Northeast and the Southeast. The growth of lacrosse in the Southeast has outpaced the learning curve on how to play and coach the game. Southern Express Lacrosse is an answer to that problem. Southern Express is formulated to give developing players and their coaches the tactical knowledge necessary to prepare them for playing or coaching lacrosse on select travel teams, high school teams, and ultimately at the college levels.


What differentiates Southern Express Lacrosse from other programs is our team development method of teaching the game of lacrosse to not just the players, but also the coaching staff of each member program.  Our Training Camp curriculum combines classroom teaching sessions with practical application sessions where the coaches gain hands on experience implementing tactical concepts with the players.


Teamwork is the fastest way to take a team to the top, and knowing what to do, and when to do it, is the fastest way to become an indispensable part of any team.  Using teaching techniques developed and tested by special forces units, our program breaks down and applies principles to the specific elements of lacrosse. Guaranteed to give participating players and coaches the high level game knowledge they need to develop their team.


We employ the EDIP training method, a teaching method developed by the British Military and it stands for Explain. Demonstrate. Imitate. Practice.  For each skill we introduce, we  explain it, demonstrate it, have them imitate it and then practice it.


At Southern Express Lacrosse we believe there are three (3) types of skills that every person needs to develop to become a successful lacrosse player (and we believe these parallel success in all aspects of life):

  1. Personal Skills (these related to character and coachability)
  2. Technical Skills (these are individual skills that the person must be able to employ)
  3. Tactical Skills (these are team skills, the game play and interaction between the teammates)


Southern Express Lacrosse was designed for parents, players, and programs who are committed to developing these skills. Personal skill development starts in the home. Technical skill development starts with the individual. Tactical skill development starts with Southern Express Lacrosse.


Personal Skills (these related to Character and Coachability)


Technical Skills (these are individual skills that the player must be able to employ on the field)


Tactical Skills (these are team skills, the interaction between coaches, players, and teammates including offense, defense, and transition philosophy)