HALO Lax 6onLax Atlanta Regional "Sixes" Tournament

There are two options to play, direct registration with Halo LAX or let Southern Express help build and train your team.  Here is how it works:

Goalies register and play for free!  Once a team has a goalie, Southern Express will help each goalie build out their team of field players.  Cost for Field players is $150.00 and includes four (4) January training sessions on how to play "Sixes" Lacrosse.

Step One: Register for your age group HERE:  

Step Two: Receive your team link to join a specific Sixes Team!

Step Three: Start dreaming of playing lacrosse in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics!

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6onLAX is the first of its kind 6-on-6 team lacrosse competition designed to reduce the number of players need to form a team and compete. Games are fast paced and exciting requiring a blend of individual skills and teamwork. It might be half the players and a smaller field, but that means it's double the competition and pace of play.

Sanctioned by USA Lacrosse, Halo LAX brings an innovative approach to lacrosse games and competition with smaller fields and smaller teams that allow players to develop better skill development and optimum ball-handling. With 6onLAX, we're all about small teams and big games and expanding the sport of lacrosse.

6onLAX is the new 6v6 field lacrosse game that shares the International vision of World Lacrosse and is sanctioned by USA Lacrosse

Get ready to play 6onLAX

  • Guaranteed minimum of 4 games
  • Championship format & awards
  • The game will consist of two 12-minute periods separated by 3-minute halftime. There are no timeouts and the clock does not stop in 6onLAX games
  • Games are fast-paced requiring a blend of individual skills and teamwork
  • Teams can earn points & qualify to play in the 6onLAX National Championships
  • The minimum official team roster size is 9 players with a maximum of 12
  • Played on a modified lacrosse field (60’x30′) using standard size goals with 1 game official on the field and 1 official on the sideline box
  • Each team may only have 6 players on the field at the same time including 1-Goalie
  • A face-off and draw at midfield begins the regulation period
  • Short sticks (40″-42″) and Goalie sticks only
  • Each player on your team must have a valid USA Lacrosse Membership number and complete the online event registration